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Smile With Dentures at Manya Dental

Dentures are the good old friend of every toothless person that has stood the test of time. In the era of digital dentistry and fixed and permanent tooth replacements, some of us love our dentures.

Teeth dentures are removable dental prostheses that support the gums while replacing missing teeth in the mouth. They can be complete dentures (replacing all missing teeth) or partial dentures (replacing a few missing teeth).

Complete Dentures: These lifelike dentures replace all your missing teeth and gums. We use advanced techniques and the best quality materials to make complete dentures that look natural, fit comfortably and securely.

Partial Dentures: These removable dentures replace a few of your missing teeth. The dummy teeth are attached to a metal or acrylic framework that is designed to blend seamlessly with your remaining natural teeth.

Flexi-dentures: The best denture in Bangalore, made with super soft, lightweight, and flexible acrylic that fits snugly in your mouth and looks beautiful.

Implant-Overdentures: Probably the best solution for those who want complete dentures with the best fit. We can anchor your dentures firmly in place by strategically placing dental implants in your jawbone, eliminating concerns about slippage or discomfort. Implant-supported dentures offer increased stability, better esthetics and increased chewing efficiency, and increased confidence in your daily activities.

Why Choose Us for Your Denture Needs?

Our compassionate team of doctors and staff is well-trained to meet your family’s dental needs. If you are looking for a replacement of missing teeth for elderly members of your family, then feel free to click the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT tab on the top right or call us at 8050211704 today to schedule a consultation and let us provide you with the best dentures in Bangalore

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