Our Care and Safety Measures

At Manya Dental, we prioritize your comfort and strive to establish a strong relationship with each of our patients. During your first visit, we ensure a productive dental experience by taking the time to discuss your chief complaint and overall oral health. As one of the best dental hospital in Bangalore, Manya Dental welcomes you with open arms. We treat you like family and provide the best dental treatment available.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Upon arrival, our receptionist will collect your basic details and register you to ensure a smooth check-in process. One of our dental specialists will promptly attend to you with no waiting time and will then carefully examine and document your chief complaint, dental history, and medical history to gain a comprehensive understanding of your oral health background.

A thorough clinical examination will be conducted, focusing on your chief complaint, to assess gum health and detect any asymptomatic dental conditions like cavities.

What’s Next?

Tests and X-rays;

We do not support unnecessary radiation exposure and only advise X-rays, full-mouth X-rays (OPG), and intraoral camera images to validate and educate you about areas of a dental concern.

With some of the best dentists in Bangalore, we have in-house dental specialists who will suggest a holistic dental treatment that is tailored to your needs. There are no long waiting hours or multiple consultations. We offer the best dental services under the same roof.

Customized treatment plan

We will develop a step-by-step treatment plan tailored to your dental needs based on your convenience and schedule. This plan will outline the recommended procedures, medications, routines to be followed, and precautions to be taken.


Unless there are any emergencies, your dental treatment will be planned and scheduled depending on your convenience. We prioritize your comfort and your time!

Manya Dental is committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care. Trust us to provide exceptional dental care and a pleasant dental experience at all times. For further inquiries, click the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT tab on the top right or call us at 8050211704.

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